Having failed my first test, I was a bit nervous about having more lessons and retaking my test. I needn't have been. My instructor put me immediately at ease and I soon felt relaxed and confident behind the wheel again and it wasn't long before I was retaking my test - and passing with flying colours. Danielle Halliday

Scott's a top chap, which is a good start for a driving instructor. He knows the road rules and driving test areas inside out and is constantly reminding you of the little intricacies of driving that will be checked during your practical test. Once you've heard 'and what mirrors should you have checked before indicating left' 132 times it's hard not to do it instinctively! Most importantly he's patient and relaxed. If you turn down a one way street at 30 miles an hour he won't kick you out of the car, but calmly point out that it's not great driving technique and you will move on again with not too much stress. Andrew Hovey

I wanted to thank you again for the absolutely first rate instruction you provided, and for being so patient with me when I was taking those first steps. There is no doubt in my mind that had I gone with one of the big driving schools, I would probably still be practicing my reverse round a corner and turn in the road rather than driving freely on my own. Ben Norris

After having lessons with Scott passed my test first time no trouble. Made it seem really easy! Then took the pass plus course as well. Excellent stuff! Had lessons with different companies before, Lemon Squeezy definitely my 1st choice! I highly recommend! Daniel Jackson

Having no practice available in a car from home, all my driving was done through lessons. I gained so much confidence in driving and passed my test first time all thanks to lemon squeezy! Joanna Jackson

I found Lemon Squeezy fantastic, the car was nice to drive and the instructor was very patient, friendly and encouraging. I was well prepared for my test and put at ease on the day with a good practice lesson beforehand. Rebekah Lurcock

I've just passed my manual driving test! All thanks to Scott at Lemon Squeezy. After having driven an automatic car for many years, Scott was very patient and helpful at correcting mistakes and improving my driving so that I passed my manual test first time. I enjoyed my lessons and I felt very well prepared on the day of my test, thanks to Scott's practical encouragement and very thorough teaching. I would happily recommend anyone who wants to learn or improve their driving to take lessons with Lemon Squeezy. Nell Nelson
(Nell is our first celebrity customer! Visit her website at www.nellnelson.com)

I started my driving lessons with Lemon Squeezy in March 2009 and passed first time in October of the same year. From the first lesson to my last each was tailored to me and how I was progressing throughout. I was very nervous before my first lesson but Scott helped ease that from the word go. I felt in no way rushed to get things right and never felt bad for getting something wrong. Everything was explained before trying it out and if required shown again to get it perfect. The point scoring system is an amazing way to see your progress each lesson and to see what skills need more work. I would not hesitate to recommend Lemon Squeezy to anyone looking to learn to drive. In fact have done so already and they have joined Scott to help them pass their test. John Aitken

I was scared to learn to drive in Edinburgh because of how complicated it would be compared to the roads I was driving on at home. I had no reason to be worried because Scott made my first drive very relaxed. There are markers in and around the car that made manoeuvres much simpler. I went into my test happy about the manoeuvres and this made me much more confident. It also helped that he took me around all of the difficult areas that the test can take you, so I knew there would be nothing I had not seen before. Thank you so much for all your help! I am so relieved to have it out of the way so quickly. Anna Morrissey

Rear view of a Lemon Squeezy car