Learning to drive can be an intimidating experience.

Getting to grips with complex control systems, understanding road traffic laws and the highway code - and that's before you start mixing with today's increasingly busy traffic!

Lemon Squeezy's patented easy-peasy 123TM technique is designed to help you learn as quickly as possible, one simple step at a time. What's more, it's a system that is individually tailored to every learner.

And it's not just the teaching that's easy

Our cars are Renault Clios, widely acknowledged to be the easiest model to learn in. We specify diesel rather than petrol engines because they have a better clutch action and more torque, for easier hill starts. Every vehicle is fitted with blind-spot mirrors and eyeline stickers to help you see all round when performing difficult manoeuvres, like reverse parking.

And as you'd expect, they all have the latest dual control systems, for safety and peace of mind.

So don't make it hard on yourself.
Learn to drive with Lemon Squeezy. It's easy peasy.

Rear view of a lemon squeezy car